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Why Personals and Profiles Are A Necessary Evil

Online dating is fun but to make it effective, you need to spend time in creating a good profile. Why is it important? It’s all about self-analysis actually. Self-analysis comes easier to some than to others. Never more so than when it comes to how we want to be perceived as a partner for a hypothetical relationship, such as when filling out online dating site memberships.

Know the Survival Instinct

Psychologically, humans walk a fine line between who they think they are and how they would like to be perceived. So when it comes to talking about ourselves for anything, never mind, to join an online dating service, we unconsciously try to balance what we think is wanted with what we have to give. It’s survival instinct. The best we can hope for is a version of truth about how who we might be as part of a pair. It’s as true for single women, as it is for single men, and plenty of other species on the planet.

For online dating though, should men trying to find a woman online admit they left the loo seat up once too often, didn’t grow or whatever? The urge is strong to own up and come clean. Admit perceived failings now and avoid the worst possible scenario later. Instead, you want potential dates to understand you did your best; it’s life and you’ve moved on.

No Need to be Critical

The thing is. It’s irrelevant. It’s been accounted for – all the self-doubts and second-guessing. Any dating service worth its algorithms has software that works us out. The human dating experience is being broken down into zeros and ones. The surprise is, modern dating site technology works for millions of people all over the world. Forget the little old lady and her handwritten index cards of local singles. This is the age of the dating site bots and giant databases. An ingenious AI Asian auntie looking for the best in us and pairing us off.  So, make the move and go ahead to make online dating work!

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