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Where’s My Online Dating Site?

This has probably happened. A friend goes through a breakup. A week later, she announces she’s joined an online dating site, ‘I have to get back on the horse,’ she offers. You fumble your way through a response. Not dating yourself you rely on what you’ve read. ‘Lots of people meet online on dating sites,’ comes out or something equally feeble. Lots of men join a dating site to find single women so obviously there must be single women who are online dating too. Or who are they dating? If it can take a few coffees to get the old brain motor running, eventually you’ll come to the conclusion there must be an online dating site for everyone.

Be in the Dating Paradise

And it’s dating paradise out there for lucky singles, swinging couples, W4W, M4M, bi, trans and all. They chat. They flirt. They sext. You can have sexting fun! Whatever it is. It sounds like you should want it. Do you want it?  Do you want to drop everything to chat and flirt with local singles online or browse thousands of dubious self-portraits on profiles? Do you even know what sexting is? If not really, you could be asking if there is a dating service where men can find a woman online like me or are they all hot MlLFS and sexy singles offering fast easy dating?

Meet ordinary chip eating women seeking ordinary men for evenings watching TV doesn’t cut it. Now, you could get sexy or hot or some other dating adjective and at a stretch, learn to chat and flirt to get across how adorable you are. But it’s not the language that matters. It’s the neatly sorted database of people looking for dates. It’s just that we are human and love playing the mating game. So, keep searching for the right site to have the right partner!

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