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First Contact To The First Date

People seeking dating opt for an online dating service for different reasons but the ultimate goal is to date. Whilst the online dating site they join might do a fantastic job at finding potential dates, can they prepare singles for that first date offline in the real world?

Know Your Date Well

Now it is the norm for men to find a woman online or single women to join a local dating site, but not all the daters are confident singles who jump at the chance of a date. Some singles are just the opposite. They may be new to their style of dating, inexperienced or nervous leaving them feeling exposed and vulnerable to imaging the worst possible dating scenarios.

First contact online dating service is usually over private texting and it can work successfully to settle the nerves, particularly if both parties are relaxed, as when texting from home. With introductions out of the way, a couple can begin to find out if it’s worthwhile meeting up for a date. Conversation by text allows thinking time for considered responses. It takes away the pressure of being put on the spot and having to come up with an answer fast. This is perhaps the biggest concern for the less confident date seeker. After all, this is what happens in the real world.

Perhaps the biggest bonus for shy daters is that online dating enables easy reconnecting.

Follow up conversations allow

  • new information to be shared – saying the things you wish you’d said
  • previous contributions clarified – to correct possible misconceptions
  • expanded conversation – the more you talk, the more there is to say
  • increased confidence in a successful first date.

Not everyone has the confidence to jump straight into finding local singles online. But dating sites are doing their bit to make it easier for shy singles to date.

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